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Posted by on Feb 23, 2018 in Business |

Lettering Fonts free Printable- Major Points

I figured the best way to do an article on the best fonts for web pages would be to show a list of the fonts that are used most often. The reason why it’s important to pick the right front is that it’s all about the readability of your web site. Now, if that doesn’t make it a critically important part of web design I don’t know what does! To get us started her is a list of the 5 (6 actually) most common web fonts. As you will soon find out the list is dominated by sans-serif fonts. That’s because serif fonts are generally more difficult to read on a web page.Learn more about this at lettering fonts .

  1. Arial

The arial font was designed in 1982 with the purpose of creating a highly readable font on various screen resolutions. Although it shares many similarities with the Helvetica font it is in fact a variation of the Monotype Grotesque typeface. It is one of the most popular fonts on websites around the world because it has a very good readability on the screen.

  1. Verdana

This font was designed for high readability on small screen resolutions. It is commonly recognized as one of the best fonts to use for text on screens.

  1. Tahoma

Tahoma was released at the same time as Verdana and was used as the default font on several of Microsoft’s operating systems. It is commonly used as an alternative to Arial.

  1. Trebuchet MS

Designed in 1996 to “launch words across the Internet” this font is referred to as a good font for the web by Microsoft. It is the 4th most popular font on the Internet.

  1. Georgia

You might have noticed that all of the 4 most popular fonts have been sans-serif fonts. Georgia is the highest placed serif font on this list. That is because it is a serif font that has been designed specifically to be readable on low resolution screens. If you want to go with a serif font Georgia is a really good choice.

  1. Times New Roman

This is the 6th most popular font on the Internet. This can probably be attributed to the fact that if you don’t specifically set a font yourself Times New Roman is the font that will be used. I must highly recommend that you do not use Times New Roman on your web pages. It is a great font for text on printed paper, but it is not a very good font for text on screen!